Monday 1 August 2022

Art work based on Glastonbury Abbey 2022

Update of artwork

12 February 2023

The following images show a new series of work based on a collection of drawings made in my drawing book on the Cadbury Factory site in 2010. At the time the iconic factory, situated in Keynsham, near Bristol, was about to be closed and, amidst much controversy, the manufacturing of chocolate was to be relocated abroad. The site was originally known as Fry's chocolate factory.

Using drawings and photographs as my primary resources, I have deconstructed this material to create  collages which recreate and evoke the atmosphere and the nostalgia of this well known manufacturing site. Torn images, acrylic paint and other mixed media combine to pay homage to industrial  buildings of another era.  
These resulting urban images reflect the architecture of the 1920s and its much loved calligraphic Cadbury logo.


  Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey 2022

This collection of work was developed after time spent at Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset. It includes initial drawings made on site in a book, collages and acrylic paintings. The viewer is encouraged to seek out the essence of this substantial ruin through the combination of colour, mark making and a strong sense of structure and space.

Acrylic paintings


Work from Drawing Book

Seven paintings responding to the ruined architecture of Glastonbury Abbey