Thursday, 4 April 2019

Art Work made during and after the Lockdown

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44AD Artspace Bath

June 2020

The results of revisiting work after lockdown

Homage to the Dome 9
19 x 18cm

Homage to the Dome16

Iconic Dome

Homage to the Dome 20
18 x 17cm

Work made for submission to


Alphabet Exhibition 44AD, Bath

The work below was produced in response to the word - FLORA - and entered for the Alphabet Series of Exhibitions being held virtually at 44AD. I decided to work on a textured blackground and worked freely to present the flowers using expressionistic mark making. 

I allowed each painting to take on a life of its own, often supporting the flowers with bold calligraphic marks.





10 December 


The Harbourside Bristol 

Structures and a strong sense of place combine effortlessly at the Harbourside in Bristol proving me with an ideal space in which to create my latest collection of artwork, which includes drawings made on site, collages and paintings.

Structures abound and include the four iconic cargo cranes originally made by Stothert and Pitt in Bath and recently restored. Also the Fairbairn steam crane which sits on Princes Wharf and can be seen working at weekends.  It is recognised by its study banana shape.

In 1999 Pero’s Bridge was built providing the Harbour with a unique Bascule bridge which can be found in St Austine’s Reach.
Brunel’s SS Great Britain has safely returned to Bristol Harbourside and, together with the modern replica of the Matthew, adds maritime history and provides more strong links with the past and the rest of the world.

This Harbourside resonates with its rich colourful history, mixing well with its present day bars, restaurants and Festivals which can be found around the waterfront.

Drawing at the Harbourside, Bristol evolved into the following paintings made using acrylic on paper


Solo Exhibition
 at 44AD Artspace, Bath UK 
April 9th - 14th 2019

This small selection of work in my Exhibition Atmosphere shows my response to drawings made in two locations: the Roman Baths, Bath and St Paul’s Cathedral London.  Through collaging, drawing and painting I have recorded my responses to both structures.

The continuum is the foundation of my practice and this exhibition provides an insight into the process involved and how the work develops – from the initial drawing on site through to the developed paintings. 

Through expressive mark making and a limited but dynamic colour palette the viewer is invited to look for the essence of places rather then to seek a literal interpretation for the artwork.

A Selection of work to be exhibited 

Details of larger paintings

average size 10 x 15cm