Selection of Drawings

Still Life Drawings

Created in Studio

Soluble wax pastels on paper or black card.
Some of these drawings were made with eyes open and others with eyes closed.

Continuous drawings

Created in Studio

The following drawings were made using a continuous line.
The pencil was not lifted from the paper and I was looking only ate the subject and not at the paper. The resulting drawings all share characteristics which are the result of the process itself.  Areas of space sit bedside and contrast with, dense areas of linear activity. 

March 2017

Rail, Structure and Space

Collection of thirty one 
Drawings made without sight

 Studio Drawings 

made in new studio at
Soluble wax crayons

January and February

(Included below is a print
of a Van Gogh's painting)

Oakland Bay Bridge
Los Angeles

Mixed Media drawing on paper
150 x 150cm


Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles

These drawings form part of a body of work that were developed from a considerable series of drawings made on location in 2014.  Two examples of which are seen below.

The subsequent drawings are examples of drawings made in responses to this unique piece of architecture designed by Frank Gehry.

As this work developed, paintings were produced which explored not only its structure but  also its character as an emotive music venue. 

Drawing made on site in drawing book

Drawing made on site in drawing book

The Rialto Bridge


Drawings made on site in drawing book
soluble wax crayons

St Peter's Church, Castle Park,

Drawn Blind using a soluble wax pastel
on paper


The Pier at Santa Barbara
drawn in book on site

Golden gate Bridge, San Francisco

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Arches in Landscape - Settle and Carlisle Railway, Yorkshire

Charcoal Drawings (using eraser) on location

Work in Drawing book on location in Bath

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