Making A Mark - Solo Exhibition, 2016




44AD artspace Bath

6th  - 11th September

PV 8th September 6 - 8pm

This artist explores structure and space in the landscape through energetic mark making and an exciting colour palette. Drawing and painting are of equal importance in her practice.  The exhibition displays artwork that provides insight into the process - from the initial drawing on site through to the developed paintings.

My Solo Exhibition - Making A Mark - comprised of a combination of large dynamic work on paper, smaller framed paintings and mounted miniature work. A collection of 3D Doodle Phones illustrated the drawing aspect of my practice, as did the black and white drawings made without sight.
This  six dayenergetic exhibition, included a Private View on Thursday 8th September and my talk on Saturday 10th based on my exhibits included in the show.  I explained that my practice is based on the thematic continuum and talked of the three main aspects of my work:- 

Process and Product. This section was introduced with the quote 'Destination is the Journey' to explain how work made - though the process was as important as the final pieces produced. The drawing books, photocopied examples, small paintings and collages were displayed in a glass cabinet to show my process.  
Structure and Space  Colour, mark making and information all combine in the making to produce these paintings based on Structure and Space. In my work, I allowed the space to speak for itself and the structure was suggested by small details of information.Scale and its effect The exhibition itself posed the question about the way in which the small scale and large scale work is viewed differently by the public.  This encouraged a discussion which eventually concluded the session.

Many thanks to Bryony Throup 
for taking the following images and for help in setting up the exhibition

The following images were taken at the 
Private View of Making A Mark
 by Melissa Mahon

The following work was shown framed


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