Thursday, 12 January 2012

  Recent Work - Autumn/Winter, 2011- 2012.

Following the time spent working at the studio in Quakers Friars, Bristol, I set up a studio at home and subsequently have created a series of paintings on canvas - 50 x 70cm and 60 x 40cm - that explore further the concept of bridging.  My work is about continuum and the canvases are characterised by the limbus - the layering presented on the edges of the painting; they allude to the process of making and the history of each painting.

This series of work is influenced by the palimpsest - a manuscript page from a scroll from which the text has been scraped off and which can be used again..

Marks on my canvases are continually reworked so that the subsequent traces become an integral part of the finished work.

                     "He thought on paper" Alfred Wallis 1855 -1942 (St Ives Painter)

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