Thursday, 25 October 2012

Exploration of the pier as architectural connector.

Exploration of the pier as an architectural structure in landscape.

This autumn I have been developing my drawings made on site in Santa Barabara, USA.  They focused on the pier, with its structure that allows a connection between the beach and sea.  I use oil bar and acrylic paint to create a sense of space, place and an emotional connection with the subject.


These paintings display an emotional, expressionistic response to the space and can be viewed as finished work in their own right, or as part of the ongoing progress of developing artwork, as the subject is investigated and a visual language created.  I prefer to value them as work in their own right, rather than a means to produce a larger, finished painting.  I see my work as being a continuing process, rather than being concerned with beginnings and endings.  In this way, past and future artwork can be viewed collectively as part of the continuum.

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