Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bixby Creek Bridge work in progress.


Bixby Creek Bridge

The following drawings were made on site whilst travelling down the  west coast of California in 2013.  During this visit to Big Sur a stop was made at the bridge for an hour so these drawing could be made. I was using a soluble black wax pastel on cartridge paper.


Developing the subject

The following work show how I produced paintings from the original paintings.  Each is approximately 33 x 37cm in size

 Work in Progress

I am enjoying developing the work into large (200 x 150cm) paintings on hand stretched primed Fabriano paper.  These three images show work in progress.

Finished Large Scale Work

The following images show eight finished paintings of the subject.  I have used Acrylic paint and sometimes oil bar on hand stretched and primed Fabriano paper.  I apply the paint in a variety of ways, including sponges.

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