Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Selection of drawings and paintings based on the Rialto Bridge - Venice

The Rialto Bridge 

July 2014

The following drawings were made on site in Venice.  I was using a spiral bound drawing book which allowed me to fold it back and so support the drawing I was working on. I was drawing standing beside the bridge, surrounded by the noises and bustle of crowds sight - seeing and finding their way through the maze of narrow streets of this unique city. 

 I used wax soluble pastels and watercolour pencil and water to create the work and drew quite quickly - striving  to capture impressions rather than realism that could be capture with a digital camera. The whole series of work was made during two days and each sessions lasted about an hour and a half on each day.  On the second session it was raining and this added to the success of the water effects.  Water is such an important part of this location that it seemed only right that it should have the opportunity to be a part of the process of making this work!  I'm sure the drawings were the better for it.

The energy of the tourists and the proximately of the canal with its continuous flow of vessels all combined to create the ambience of the location and added to the enjoyment of putting my visual responses on paper.

Then I went on to develop this work by producing a collection of small scale paintings on paper - average size 23cm x 14cm


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