Sunday, 1 October 2017

Work Made in New Studio 2017

Golden Gate Bridge 
San Francisco

Work in progress

Using the subject of the bridge, I am investigating the way the structure presents itself and considering the amount of information actually required to suggest this icon structure.  

St Pauls Cathedral, London

The following work has been made following time spent drawing outside of the cathedral in London

Exploration of the Ruined Church

Colour and mark making combine to create atmospheric responses to places which speaks of both structure and negative space.

 Ruined church
Miniature paintings on paper

GWR Work

Many layers have been applied to the two paintings below until the conversation between the structure and the space seemed balanced.

 Acrylic and oil bar on wooden structure
23 x 31 x 4cm

GWR 5 
Acrylic on wooden structure
23 x 31 x 0cm

Two Large Painting

Work in progress

Having stretched and primed the two large canvases layers the surfaces are painted and repainted.

Acrylic paint 120 x 160cm

Acrylic paint 120 x 160cm

Acrylic paint 120 x 160cm

Studio view

Miniature paintings
based on drawings made at railway stations
investigating the relationship of structure and space

Acrylic on wooden panel
10 x 10 x 5 cm

Acrylic on wooden panel
10 x 10 x 5 cm

Acrylic on wooden panel
10 x 10 x 5 cm

Acrylic on wooden panel
10 x 10 x 5 cm

Acrylic on Fabriano paper

Acrylic on Fabriano paper

Acrylic on Fabriano paper

Acrylic on Fabriano paper

Acrylic on Fabriano paper

Acrylic on Fabriano paper

Acrylic on Fabriano paper

Work made from response to the word


Four collages showing work being developed on the Fragment theme

Collages in progress
postcard size

Enigma Series

Miniature paintings 

created working with colour and imaginative mark making.

Rail, Structure and Space
Drawings made with eyes closed

Drawing and painting are equally important in my practice and through the activity of drawing with my eyes closed I seek new creative dimension.  The unpredictable combination of wax pastel and water on paper produces drawings that enjoy a freedom from the critical eye.  This work possesses an independence that invites the viewer to seek the subject's essence, rather than a literal interpretation.  Such influences feed into my paintings.

Responses made to the word 

These collages were made on cardboard during the process of my work.

Having taken black and white photocopies of the collages I then made the following series by working into selected sections using acrylic paint. 

All That Jazz

Having made a considerable body of work based on the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles it seemed a natural progression to move inside the dynamic walls and visually respond to the music created there.  Inevitably this work is more abstract as I am recreating the improvisational characteristics which make this style of music- making so spontaneous and beguiling.  

The juxtaposition of mark making and colour bounce off each to provide a visual energetic dialogue.  As in music, accentuated elements seek dominance proving tension and discord to both intrigue and maybe unsettle the viewer.

Acrylic paint on hand primed and stretched Fabriano paper
Average size of each painting 13 x 13cm

Move to New Studio 
within the same premises at 44AD
January 2017

The move to my new studio gave me the opportunity to the think about my practice and work process.  I found myself considering the new physical space I now found myself occupying. It seemed therefore a natural step to allow my new surrounding to provide the subjects for my first drawings in this space.


These drawings were made on card using soluble wax pastels. Seeking subjects, I chose to use objects found around me in my new studio. 

I developed the initial drawings by drawing with my eyes closed, adding colour afterwards with eyes open.  The drawings below are examples of work sometimes made with eyes open and sometimes with eyes closed.  I am now using a brown paper as the surface.

Studio Chair

Working on black paper, I continued to explore the subject of the chair. It appears to be taking on a anthropomorphic quality.

Continuous Line Drawings

Keeping the pencil on the paper, I created these drawings by looking only at the subject.  The results contain various marks over the surface of the paper.  There are areas of dense, overlapping marks which contrast with other areas of less dense and more open spaces.

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